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Saya sudah menggunakan jasa plasa hosting selama 4 tahun lebih. Selama ini saya sangat cukup puas dengan pelayanan dari plasa hosting. Tidak ada keluhan apapun juga, Domain juga sangat cepat aktif. Ga lebih dari 1 menit. Saya cukup terbantu dengan plasa hosting Dan kalaupun ada apa2 tinggal chat atau telp dengan operatornya. Dan yang menakjubkan , kami akhirnya jadi berkawan baik. Terima kasih plasa hosting, Saya akan refrensikan ke kenalan2 saya untuk mengunakan jasa Plasa Hosting

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  Rp. 60.000/year
  Unlimited Email
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    Hosting 100MB
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  Rp. 145rb/year
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Indonesia Version

I'm Newbe in WebHosting, which package i must choice?

Our experience, small space is not enough for a long time, we assumse: 10Mb for two email, 5Mb for your document html maybe more, and other for database or weblog, you can calculate for one year u will need 25-50Mb for your space. We recomment that you choice Pak-100M or Pak-50M for a small hosting.

Can you host international domains?

We can host any domain, of any country. Thats right, we can host any and all domain names. Yes, this includes domains with any and all TLD's. If you do not know what a TLD is, an example would be the ".com" or ".net" part of a domain name. There's not a domain that we can't host!

Do I have to register my domain with you?

You can register your domain with us. Or you can buy hosting+domain to me with low price.

Can I pay your hosting monthly?

Our package Only for one year
We assumse that your domain register for one year not monthly. You will tired every month going to the bank only pay our hosting :)

I have no money for hosting, i need free hosting

We'll give free hosting for School/University domain and .edu , it's free for you. (Limited account)

How soon will my account be activated?

We know that you want to get started with your account right away. We'll activated your account As soon as you signup maximum 24hours. your account is activated and details are emailed to you within seconds.

What Nameserver (NS) we must use?

Use this Nameserver to point your domain with plasahosting:
Primary :
Second :

What can I do before my Domain active?

You can transfer your document to Plasahosting using :
SERVER A: or or
use FTP Client to transfer your documents using IP address

SERVER B: or or
use FTP Client to transfer your documents using IP address

Will you advertise on my website?

We offer premium hosting and will never advertise on your website. Hosting companys that advertise on your website are often cheap, but provide very low quality service. Websites using this kind of service look very unprofessional and have very slow bandwidth connections.

Do your servers have battery backups and generators?

Each server is protected by a uninterruptible power supply system. In the rare case of a power outage, auto-start generators will take over and supply all necessary power to the servers. This system assures your website is always up and running, regardless of power conditions.

What kind of servers do you use?

We utilize dual xeon 2.4ghz servers with hyperthreading technology (making 4 cpus). Each server is outfitted with at least 1000-2000 MB of RAM and high performance 10,000 RPM SCSI hard drives. With 9.6ghz of processing power, your website will run at lighting fast speeds. Our Server utilizes a state of the art datacenter, located in Atlanta.

Do you maintain website backups?

We maintain full account backups. This includes all files, email accounts, and data bases. In the rare event of a hard drive failure, we can instantly restore your entire account. While hard drives rarely fail, we prepare for the worst, which assures your hard work is never lost.

What is Plasahosting uptime?

We don't just claim to run over 99.9% uptime, we guarantee it. If your server is not up 99.9% of the month, you will be refunded for any downtime that occured on a pro-rated basis. However, don't expect to ever invoke this guarantee, extended downtime is extremely rare.

Can I host multiple domains on one account?

Initially, you can only host 1 domain on your account. However, you can host additional domains on your account for a small fee. The charge per additional domain is only $1.00 per month. This way, you can host all your domains on a single account, for one low price.

Can I upgrade my plan at a later date?

We offer the flexibility of allowing clients to upgrade plans at anytime. The cost of upgrading will be pro-rated and you will never be charged any additional fees. This way, your account can meet the demands of your website, as it expands and or increases traffic.

Can I use my own CGI and PHP scripts?

While we do provide many pre-installed scripts, you can still upload any of your own scripts. You can purchase scripts from many online developers or write your own. Regardless, you can upload any scripts that you may own. However, most popular scripts are pre-installed!

Yahoo Messenger support 08:00 - 24:00. Layanan support gunakan contact us dibawah

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